A real passion for the world of tea and beauty has animated us for a long time. There is also this strong desire to want to share it with a maximum of people around us. Women in particular who like to take care of it every day, in a very simple and healthy way. When we created our online store, we had these ideas in mind and still have them.

A successful launch in the United States
This is where all dreams are possible, on the other side of the Atlantic, in the United States, that the official launch of our brand took place. A success for our first steps on the market so rich in diversity. As the head of this company that we have created, we have selected a series of products that we have deemed essential to make you feel good.

We went in search of the necessities among a large panel of existing tea items. We questioned which products we can use ourselves. Considered important to us and especially of high quality, we are certain that they will also suit our customers. This is how our e-shop offers tea from all over the world.

Collaborate with professionals.
In order to work with precision and efficiency, we have surrounded ourselves with professionals in the field of beauty. The best way to avoid missteps. We therefore regularly collaborate with herbalists and specialists. They support us so that the ranges chosen correspond very precisely to the current season. It is also a great help to analyze the next trends.

Continually being fashionable is the goal that drives us. In addition, in our online store, we want our customers to realize that we understand their needs, expectations and wants. It is not a question of offering a whole panoply of products but quite simply what will be really useful and which will make him happy over the days.

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